Pratt and GradComD supports students seeking professional experience through Internship

Pratt Career Services provides career guidance and professional advice during your internship search, application and working experience. An internship enables you to exercise your skills in the professional world while exploring careers and companies. Such real world experience in your chosen field gives you an advantage and establishes a track record of employability which is one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve your attractiveness to potential employers after graduation.

Under experienced supervision at Pratt and on the job you will

  • receive guidance with resume and portfolio preparation
  • be assisted with your internship search
  • have ongoing support and mentoring during you internship
  • make valuable contacts for letters of reference
  • gain confidence in your abilities
  • have information to form decisions about job compatibility
  • gain real world experience to list on your resume
  • exercise individual responsibility while developing teamwork skills
  • develop industry-specific abilities
  • start a network of professional and personal contacts
  • receive credit toward your graduation requirements
  • 0 credit summer opportunities are also available

Students must complete 24 credits before being eligible for credit-bearing internship. Pratt Pro is an online database that allows students access to internship opportunities, but you must first meet with Career Services to gain access. To arrange an appointment at the Manhattan or Brooklyn campus, contact:

Laura Keegan
Internship Program Manager
(718) 636-3506

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